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"The Band" - "Nare, Nare" // [HD] [Official] 2016

Song - Mix "Nare, Nare" (Armenian Folk Song), "Beautiful Liar"(Beyonce & Shakira Cover //Writers - Mikkel S. Eriksen Tor Erik Hermansen Amanda Ghost Ian Dench Beyoncé Knowles) & "Naughty Girl" (Beyonce Cover // Writers - Beyoncé Knowles Scott Storch Robert Waller Angela Beyincé Pete Bellotte Giorgio Moroder Donna Summer ) Lead Vocals - Karina Arustamyan Lead Vocals//Keyboard//Backup Vocals - Hovsep Yeremyan Solo Guitar - Hamlet Shaghoyan Bass - Rob Margaryan Pku//Zurna - Vigen Balasanyan Drums - Hovsep Yeganyan Special Guest//Dhol - Arsen Adamyan Arrangement - Hovsep Yeremyan & "The Band" Mix. - Hovsep Yeremyan Mastering - Levon Atayan Instruments Recorded By - "Ardzaganq" Studio Vocals Recorded By "Sharm" Studio Director - Arsen Yeremyan "YEREMYAN PRODUCTION" D.O.P. - Suren Tadevosyan Choreography By Hovhannes Sargsyan Dancers - "Swag Dance Studio" Designer & Style - Anush Hovhannisyan Make Up - Syuzanna Martirosyan Hairstyle - Harut & Nano Julhakyan's Casting By - "Individium" Editing By - Karen Melkumyan Band // Clothes By "Teryan Cultural Centre" Karina // Dress Designed By Anush Hovhannisyan, Made By Lusine Hovhannisyan Acessories By "PreGomesh" Jewellery Special Thanks To Megerian Carpets Arrmenia! THE BAND Official facebook page THE BAND Official Instagram Page THE BAND Soundcloud THE BAND Twitter THE BAND VK
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